A sudden realization and a subsequent brainstorming session about WiFi

We’ve been planning to communicate with the detectors over a wireless internet connection for a long time. We even went so far as to look into specific hardware to make it happen. But then when we actually put our detector on the roof, we realized the York University WiFi signal doesn’t reach up there. Of course it doesn’t! What purpose would WiFi on the roof serve under normal circumstances? This discovery got us thinking about the high schools where our detectors will be located and we realized it’s not likely that any of those roofs will have a WiFi signal either. This left us brainstorming about how we would retrieve data from the detectors. Should we do it the old fashioned way and go up there with a USB stick and download the data periodically? Or how about seeing if there are Ethernet ports up on top of any of those roofs and hooking the detectors straight to the internet? The craziest idea we came up with was purchasing a minimal data plan for each of the detectors in order to get onto the internet the same way cell phones do. We haven’t decided which route we’ll take yet and it very well might be different for different participating high schools, but it’s definitely something for the engineering and public relations teams to ponder.

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