Introducing the education team!

Construction of the detector has been going great! A simplified testing detector (lacking solar panels, GPS, wifi, and some other fancy touches) is almost ready to go up on the roof of a building at York. Since this part of the project has been going so well, we’re looking to the future and have been considering how we’ll approach getting high schools involved. When we first started this project, we had it in mind that high school involvement would stop at the physics club level, with only the more ambitious and interested students participating. We’ve been reconsidering that point of view recently as we’ve realized how well the project could fit into the Ontario grade 12 physics curriculum. From the idea of renewable energy sources to cosmology, atmospheric physics, particle physics, and relativity, this project could cover almost everything. It also presents a unique opportunity for high school physics students to do more of the hands-on work involved in putting the setup together and figuring out how to communicate with it: stuff real physicists do. In response to this new idea, we decided it would be necessary to add a new group to our team: the education group. We sent out a request in the physics department at York for education students interested in joining our project and have thus added a few new members to our team! We’re still figuring out little things, but we anticipate that the education group is about to have a lot of work to do developing ways in which this project could fit into the high school curriculum.

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