Breakthrough meeting

At our most recent meeting, the team attempted to put our whole setup together for the first time. It went great!

Thresholds were able to be set and communication was seamless. Our scintillators and beaglebone were connected to the DAQ card and everything was interacting how we expected. Next steps are to sort out power distribution, set up wireless access to the beaglebone, and build a protective housing for the detector. After those steps are done, all that’s left is to place our detecter on our roof for longer term testing! 

Here’s Chris, deep in thought. He’s done a very large part of the recent breakthrough work, figuring out how to talk to the DAQ card. Great job Chris!


One response to “Breakthrough meeting

  1. You finally got communicating with the DAQ!
    Good stuff.
    Physicists are a stalwart bunch.


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