Progress Progress Progress!

We have a quirky DAQ card here at SOLTA, which has made developing our prototype a challenging experience! Good news came Friday as we finally managed to coax it into doing exactly what we want: getting digital readings of cosmic ray aftermath. Our scintillator panels fluoresce when hit by a high energy particle, emitting photons. These particles of light are received by our photo multiplier tubes which turn them into avalanches of electrons, analogue electrical signals which our DAQ (Data Acquisition) card converts to digital information. The DAQ then spits out the data on a computer, and lets us know that it does in fact work, as does our whole setup!

Next steps include refining the circuit setup and threshold on the DAQ to ensure we are only sensitive to the muon energy range.

Stay tuned for more exciting SOLTA updates!

photo 3

2 responses to “Progress Progress Progress!

  1. Fellow Scientist

    That’s really good news! Way to go team.
    Don’t know anything about your DAQ card but hope it’s data output is well documented and easy to extract. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for leaving a comment! Your interest means a lot to us 🙂
    If you want to learn more about our DAQ card check out which is a mouse-over-interactive diagram of the DAQ and attached equipment. There’s also which is a simulation of what happens in the card during data acquisition.


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