Public Relations / Administration / Treasury Update

The SOLTA team is split into six functional groups: public relations, administration, treasury, the researchers, the coders, and the builders. There will be regular updates about our progress on this blog, with most information highlighting the work of the research, coding, and building teams. The three other teams work more in the background and there’s not as much to say about our progress, so I’ll group them together.

Public Relations (PR)
The public relations group is responsible for communication with outside groups. Our first act as a team was to get some secondary school groups interested and we did this by preparing and distributing advertising flyers. Once we had been contacted by some interested secondary schools, we decided it would be a good idea to create this blog. Our next step is to establish this blog as a regularly updated line of communication between the SOLTA team and the secondary school groups.

The administration group’s main task is to organize meetings. This means scheduling the meetings and getting the word out about time and location as well as directing the flow of discussion once the meeting is in session. The administrators outline a meeting agenda so we know what needs to be discussed and they keep the group on task, making sure we don’t waste too much time on any one topic. The administrators are also responsible for taking brief notes – referred to as the minutes – at each meeting.

The treasury group is currently the smallest group in the SOLTA team, but there is a possibility that it will expand in the future. The group’s responsibility is to keep track of our finances while looking for and managing funding from sponsors. The group is currently looking into getting corporate sponsorship, so keep an eye out for ads appearing on the side of this blog!

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